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2021 Adult Training Modules

With the current Covid-19 (coronavirus) restrictions the training team are presenting interactive webinars for a number of modules and these can be found on the calendar below.
We are planning to run a number of face to face weekend courses from April, but these will depend on the Covid-19 situation at the time.

Safeguarding training can be completed via e-learning on the Scouts website.
Further information on Safeguarding can be found on the Scouts website or by contacting one of the Safeguarding Awareness Co-ordinators (SACs)

There is no cost to Hampshire leaders for Adult Training courses (Modules), however, a cancellation charge will be levied to your District if you do not attend or do not advise the Course Director a minimum of two days before the course (five days for residential weekends).

Other Scout Counties:
Leaders from other Counties are welcome to attend any of our Adult Training courses however there is a cost of £10.00 for a one-day course and £40.00 for Residential weekend courses. 
There is no charge for the training webinars we present.

Manager and Supporter Training: These courses are run on a regional basis. Dates and online application form for all Manager and Supporter training, can be found on the Manager & Supporter page.

Residential Weekends: All modules (sessions) listed must be completed over the residential weekend. If you only need to do individual modules these can be completed on a multi-module weekend or via a webinar.

Module 38: Module 38 is a follow on from Module 16. 
Module 16 should ideally be completed prior to attending Module 38, for you to get the full benefit from the weekend.

Multi-Module weekends (non-residential): You can book any individual modules if you only need to do a few to complete your training. If you want to do as many as you can over the weekend then book on 'blocks'. Download the programme and guidance notes, here.

Module or Weekend applications:
Applications for Adult Training modules/weekends must be received at least two weeks prior to the course date. Applications after this date may not be accepted.

Webinar applications: 
Applications must be received no later than 17.00 hrs on the Wednesday prior to Sat/Sun webinars, 17.00hrs on Thursday prior to Tues webinars and 17.00hrs on Monday for Thursday webinars.

Application forms can be found at the bottom of this page.


All the courses from April will depend on any Covid-19 restrictions at the time. Feel free to book on any of the courses and we will keep you updated nearer the time.

DayDateTimeMod NoModuleVenue
Sun7th10.00 to 13.0015Promoting Positive BehaviourFully Booked
Sat13th10.00 to 13.0014Supporting Young PeopleFully Booked
Sat20th10.00 to 13.0017Running Safe ActivitiesWebinar
Tue23rd19.00 to 21.3016Residential ExperiencesWebinar
Fri16th19.00 to 21.3016Residential ExperienceFerny Crofts
Sat/Sun17th/18thW'end Residential38Skills for Residential ExperiencesFerny Crofts
Sat/Sun8th/9thW'end ResidentialResidentialModules 5/7/8/9/12(a&b)/16Ferny Crofts
Sun16th10.00 to 13.0025Assessing Learning (Training Adviser)TBA
Sat/Sun26th/27thNon-Res Weekend28 & 29Facilitating & PresentingTBA
Sat3rd10.00 to 13.0025Assessing Learning (Training Adviser)
Sat/Sun18th/19thNon-Res WeekendMultiple Modules Weekend Multi-Module WeekendTBA
Sat25th10.00 to 13.00LTMLocal Training Manager ConferenceTBA
Sat/Sun2nd/3rdW'end ResidentialResidentialModules 5/7/8/9/12(a&b)/16Ferny Crofts
Sat/Sun23rd/24thW'end ResidentialResidentialModules 11/13/14/15/17/18Ferny Crofts

Application forms can be found at the bottom of this page.

Multi-Module Programme:

If you want to do as many modules as you can over the weekend then book on to the blocks A1, A2, B1 or B2.
If booking a combination of individual Modules please check the times do not clash or overlap with any other module bookings you have applied for.

Download the weekend programme and guidance notes.

The venue for the weekend is TBA.

Guidance Notes

Modules 8 & 9
Modules 8 and 9 are blended so both parts must be booked at the same time, if not using routes.

Module 10 (First Aid)
First Aid will be blended learning ie; online e-learning prior to the day, followed by a face to face practical session on the day.
E-learning details will be sent to you with the confirmation of your booking.

Module 12A 
This a shortened version due to time constraints, if possible please complete the E-Learning  for this module before attending.
The E-Learning will also be available on the weekend.

Module 18
Practical Skills, will also require you to instruct one other course member in a practical skill. This should take around 30 minutes to instruct and you will need to bring any materials you need with you.
It can be any skill you want from crochet to car repair, it can be Scouting based but need not be. Try to think of a skill someone else will enjoy learning.

Module 19
Please bring along an international object that means something to you and be prepared to talk about it for minute with the rest of the group.
This could be anything; from a souvenir from a holiday abroad, to an item connected with family or friends living in another country, to a picture of a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

Application Forms

OnlineMicrosoft (xlsx)PDF
Application FormStd App FormStd App Form

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