First Aid

Information about signing up to our blended approach and running courses in Hampshire can be found at the bottom of this page.

Hampshire Scouts First Response

Anyone holding a wood badge role needs to hold a current First Response certificate or equivalent. If you need a 2 day first aid for adventurous activities please email us as below.

We run the six hour first response which comprises two elements:

  1. Module 10A - First Aid theory which covers the first aid theory. This can be run face to face or online.
  2. Module 10B - First Aid practical is a short 15 minute session covering assessment of a casualty and CPR. This is run face to face only.

Completed a first aid certificate outside of Scouting? Just complete a short e-learning to cover the remaining topics needed for First Response:

Please email Mike Baxter, First Aid Coordinator with any questions: [email protected]

Course dates

Please find below all our options for completing 10A & 10B - these are a variety of e-learning, zoom and face to face options. Where stated you will need to complete the e-learning prior to attending one of the sessions below.

10A & 10BFace to faceSat 21 May 0930 - 1500Itchen SouthBook onlineMike Baxter
10BFace to faceSat 21 May0930 - 1500Itchen SouthBook onlineMike Baxter
10AE-learning + Zoom Mon 23 May1915 - 2130OnlineBook onlineMike Baxter
10BFace to FaceMon 23 May18.30 - 20.30Diamond Scout Centre, Tadley, RG26 4BSNo booking requiredJosh Hensman
10A & 10BFace to Face
Blended E-Learning
Sat 28 May10.00 to 13.00Gilliat Hall,
28 Marlborough Street,
Andover. SP10 1DQ
Book onlineJames Clark
10BFace to FaceMon 13 June18.30 - 20.30Brighton Hill Scout Hut,
Schubert Rd, Basingstoke 
No booking requiredJosh Hensman
10AE-learning + Zoom Wed 15 June1915 - 2130OnlineBook onlineMike Baxter
10A & 10BFace to Face
Blended E-Learning
Thur 16 June19.30 - 22.0029th Southampton City
44-50 Brickfield Road,
Southampton, SO17 3AE
Booking via
Nico Chart
Nico Chart
10AE-learning + Zoom Sat 18th June09.30 - 12.45OnlineBook onlineMike Baxter
10A & 10BFace to FaceSat 25 June09.30 - 15.00Headley Scout Centre,
Beach Hill Road,
GU35 8DW
Book onlineMike Baxter
10BDrop in sessionSat 25 June15.00 - 16.00Headley Scout CentreBook onlineMike Baxter
10AE-learning + Zoom Thur 7 July1915 - 2130OnlineBook onlineMike Baxter
10A & 10BFace to faceSat 9th July09.30 to 15.00Ferny CroftsBook onlineMike Baxter
10BDrop in SessionSat 9th July15.00 & 15.30Ferny CroftsBook onlineMike Baxter
10AE-learning + Zoom Mon 18 July1915 - 2130OnlineBook onlineMike Baxter
10AE-learning + Zoom Wed 17 Aug1915 - 2130OnlineBook onlineMike Baxter

Need more information?

Running courses

For Districts wishing to run Module 10 (First Aid) please complete the online First Response course notification form.
Also please refer to the Guidance on running First Response courses within Hampshire

First Response blended approach - other counties

Scout HQ have approved our blended approach for other counties to use. You can download the information sheet and sign up by completing this form. You can also watch the webinar from 14/03/2021 on how the scheme works here.
If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

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